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I understand that PaperVision natively provides a ParticleSystem and there have been other Particle System code snippets lurking around the internet, but for people, who have been following my particle system tutorials, I’m going to tell you how to convert the same particle system into 3D using PaperVision3D. Here’s how it looks in PaperVision3D; you can use the mouse and the arrow keys to move the camera around:

Code rundown:

If you want to understand the code in the sources below, you can go through the tutorial, I posted about setting up projects in PV3D. The biggest change is to remove the particlesystem class and reduce the Parent Child Hierarchy. I have moved the ParticleSystem class into the main section of our project, such that all particles become direct children of the scene. This reduces the need to have a DisplayObject3D Container. It also helps in managing the particles easily.

You can grab the sources below and don’t forget to leave me some feedback .

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