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So, there’s been a lot of talk about Flash and HTML5. We’re not going to get into that here. What I saw on the Adobe Max conference was good. Flash getting into hardware accelerated worlds. That’s all good and dandy. But will it really be what “Flash turned hardcore” developers want? Or developers who were already hardcore and were only waiting for flash to spiff it up. Time will tell.

But, I’ve prepared what you can call a pre emptive scale to see how I want Flash or hardware acceleration to be. If it achieves any percentage near to this, I’ll buy my apples from Adobe. Eh? That was weird…

Then again, I’ve been working on Papersteer for the sole reason of measuring the raw power of these technologies and how they scale up to each other. Before, I move forward, I must tell you that although Flash is doing software only drawing for now, it has amazed me. Flash is indeed good. Thumbs up Adobe. Alright, no more babbling from me, take a look at this movie:

This video demonstrates the difference in computation and drawing on different platforms. From software drawing to parallel processing.

The demos use Opensteer to demonstrate the results.