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Update: Now it appears that the censorship is strict on many levels. The complaint is widely shared by all the playstation community. Terms that may offend in religion or any internationally criticized topic are subjected to a high level of censorship. Is it partly because moderating an open community with Audio/Visual communication is harder? Or is it that Sony is targeting a more friendly audience with Home? It is note-able that the average user of a PS3 is from ages 15-25 and most people at that age start understanding the quirks of being in a social service. Given that, it does not justify the censorship of country names and I stand my ground about the complaint.

It is after a long time that I am going to post about something aside from programming. Recently, I have been busy playing Playstation Home using my PS3. Don’t mind Sony, you trashed a perfectly great idea. People are enjoying it because it is a new experience for them. I believe not many people know about Second Life anyway. So, a job not done well.

What concerned me was how Home is reacting towards international issues in its user policy. You can type “Pakistan” or “Afghanistan” in your chat area and your friends will tell you that all they see are asterisks. Wow!. Now why would Sony go that far? It may not be a big issue for people living in a country which is not censored but it is for me. A company such as Sony should be neutral in its application to its consumers. It is not doing any good to the people who are using the crappy service but shows how racist a common service can be.

Take this as a complaint from a loyal Sony consumer.


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