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UPDATE: This release has been superseded by a new release. Please see this post

Hi guys,

I’ve been lazy but eventually I managed to upload a new build of PaperSteer to the repository. This revision is a major overhaul of what I did with the port. It is in fact written from scratch. I wanted this port to be oriented towards its C++ parent i.e. the original release from Craig Reynolds and that is the reason why, I was not at all satisfied with my original release.


– I have now uploaded the documentation, plugins and the new build with lots and LOTS of improvements.
– Bug fixes, stupid errors that I was overlooking.
– AS3 optimizations.
– OOP implementations and strict rules on compilation and AS3 compliance.

However, this build still does not contain the Demo which I initially promised for this build, but bear with me because I am actually working on it. Once that is done, I will be giving Papersteer a turn that the actual Opensteer lacks and that is, dynamic creation and loading of plugins.

Yes, I know that is something very big to tout about but since I love working on personal projects, I will definitely finish this sooner or later. For now, the build is up and I must say again that it is rather a preview for people to look at my work and it is broken. Porting a huge library such as Opensteer can be a severe pain, if it requires changes to the design and core implementations of the classes.

Go check it out already.

Apart from that, I recently tried to keep my artistic side alive by recreating an old scene from one of my favorite games of all time…Metal Slug. A destroyed submerged tank in the deep blue see…I hope you like it.


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