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UPDATE: I have released a complete working port of Opensteer for ActionScript 3. Please see this post

When I was working on the paperwork for this website, I promised that I will share source code and tutorials for people. I have been pretty active working with many projects lately, and I rarely find time to practice my interests. There are so many great examples and pieces of art out there that I take inspirations from. Much of it involves working with Visual Algorithms and I get to have a great time learning them and re implementing them to my pleasure. This serves me education and releasing them in a new form will eventually serve the community.

This time it is the famous Birds Flocking Behavior Algorithm using Boids. I converted it to Action Script 3. This algorithm can be very useful in areas of visual programming and games. Also, I have been busy working with PaperVision 3D for quite some time. I’ll release a PV3D version of this Algorithm soon. So keep an eye out for that too.

The source code is attached below and if you have questions, do ask. Also, if you need to study this algorithm, you may search around the internet and you’ll find many articles about it.