PS3/Playstation 3 “No Video” But Audio Issue Solution

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Many of you might come to this thread looking for a no video PS3 solution and perhaps 80% of your issues/solutions are written in this blog post. However, this post is about a unique problem with the Playstation 3. It could happen for one reason or the other but here’s what happens in the end:

You can hear audio from your PS3, but no matter what you do, you can’t get video. You’ve tried all the tricks on the net but you never get video and you’re sure that your GPU is fine and hasn’t YLOD’ed.

Well, the solution is to get an HDMI-> DVI cable (Dual Link) and hook it up to a monitor that is completely HDCP compatible and can display 480p or 720p and 1080p. That is absolutely necessary and if a monitor is not fully HDCP compatible, this won’t work.

Once you hook it up, reset your PS3’s display settings, which I guess you know how to. Once you’re done with that, you should see you PS3 display on your monitor screen, Voila?

Why does this happen?:

Well, I dunno specifically why this happens but it happened to me because of a power surge while connecting my PS3 to the wall power socket. I heard a small blow and then there was no display.

What’s the logic? How come the PS3 shows display now?

Hmm, that’s a tricky one but I figured that the PS3 has an onboard chip which does all the video scaling called the Super Companion Chip or SCC. This chip is probably the reason why the display has gone bad and you don’t see a display. The PS3 can display quite a lot of different analog and digital video outputs and perhaps in one of these output modes (digital, I presume), the PS3 skips this chip and you get a display. It’s because of HDCP encryption or colorspace, I can’t say. But here’s a clue that supports my theory:

Image Courtesy: (

I have yet to figure out how to force the PS3 HDMI port to display in RGB mode without using an HDMI-DVI cable. If there were a way to check which mode the HDMI port display is in i.e. YCbCr or RGB, perhaps that could solve it.

For Audio, you can use the regular PS3 Composite cable and hook the audio out somewhere. You may also use the PS3 Optical Out to get audio.

Anyhow, if this post helped you, please let me know. I have spent a lot of time researching this and I would like to fix this in a better way.

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