Mohammad Haseeb

PaperSteer Works

Throughout this time, I’ve been working on porting Opensteer to flash, I’ve learned so much about technologies.  This project gave me a lot of insight into the flash low level techniques. I left the project midway, but I’ve seen that people have always been interested in using it on flash. However, I felt that Flash does not have the proper “horse power” and “ability” to render Opensteer properly. I was wrong. Flash does a great job but needs proper drawing acceleration.

Papervision3D helped me a lot too. At first, I created a pure ActionScript 3 project, which didn’t even have an example. But now, I’ve almost completely ported the whole opensteer library to Actionscript 3. I did this because I’m waiting for the next Flash player ;). More on that later.

For now, I’ve finished work on AS3Steer and I won’t be working on it anymore. Papersteer will be the only thing, I’ll be updating in the future.  I’ve uploaded massive updates to the papersteer google code repo. So do check it out. Here are some examples and a demo of Papersteer as well ;).

Click to Focus then Press TAB to change demos. Press C to change camera views. Press A to toggle Annotation. Press F to change frame rates.

Here’s a demo of the AS3 branch, click on the image to load it:

Here’s a demo of a Predator and Fish, click to view:


Download PaperSteer here. AS3Steer here, (example1example2). Alternatively, you can just head over to the repository to download and compile all of them yourself.


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