Mohammad Haseeb

Flash Font Conflicts aka Invisible text in Dynamic Text Fields

Alright, now this is one of the bigger hair pulling nasty issues, I discovered while working with Flash/AS3. It happens such that when you have fonts embedded or used in a project with either static fields or dynamic fields, you’ll see that it creates duplicate font entries in the compiled SWF. Font.enumerateFonts() returns multiple entries of the same font. That’s all fine and good, however, Flash is nasty for resolving font conflicts. If you came to this post, you already know what’s happening.

You tried to embed a font and load it dynamically or assign it to dynamic textfield and the Flash Player shows “nothing“. The dynamic text field goes empty. It could be a hair pulling experience but I just found a solution to that.

Edit: Ah well, I just found [this][1] post and he’s already given a pretty neat solution and explanation for this.


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