Mohammad Haseeb

Hello and Welcome

I’m a tech guy currently living in Australia. I’m also an Artist/Designer in my spare time. I like to keep my hands full with different technology stacks and much of that keeps my thirst quenched. If you’ve come across this website looking for something or need help with, drop me a line and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting, Cheers.

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That up there is one of my works, if you like it, there’s more in the projects and posts section. You’ll also find interesting things in the projects section. I may have abondoned some of them, but if you want to use any of them, you can. Please just let me know if you use them. Oh, and if you’re looking for my old portfolio, it’s not available anymore.

I’m not very active on social channels. But you can find some of the links to my personal profiles below:

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