MoCapSim is a project to enable people to explore the world of Motion Capture on a smaller scale, where they can learn to create motion capture data with regular tools and programs.

The project started in late 2005 and uses various techniques to overcome basic problems in creating an efficient solution for motion capturing techniques. The software will allow for using custom made hardware profiles and then convert them in standard file formats.

The basic purpose of the project was to create a Low Cost Electro Mechanical Motion Capture System (Details on the Project page). Documentation is provided for anyone to utilize the potential of the project.

The base code of the software was taken from the works of many people and totally recoded to attain efficiency. A list of these sources can be seen in the about and links section.

This is a project that involves a lot of fields into one. This includes Electronics, Computer Graphics, Programming, Interfacing and Mathematics etc. It must be a good chance for anyone, who is interested in developing or enhancing this project, to better understand all of these aspects to a basic level. I write this preface for someone to understand what this project is all about without diving directly into the details.

You can check the Project page to check the details of the project but it is necessary that you have knowledge of the following things:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Mathematics (mostly Linear Algebra)
  • Basic Electronics Concepts
  • Programming

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MoCapSim comes with complete free source code. MoCapSim is available under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License. Read more about GPL from the internet or the GPL License included in the archive.

MoCapSim uses original sources taken from MotView which was developed by Andrew Gardner and Steven Dutcher in 1999-2000. I thank them for keeping the program open source.


The program is pretty straight forward. I don’t think there is a need for a documentation. If you have a problem or a
question then please ask it in the forums.Click here to know more about GNU Release & mocapsim Changelog.