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Assalam o aleikum,

Just a week or two ago, I installed LinkDotNet’s Broadband Service at home and I must say, I have never been more annoyed in my life. The Support is hellish and lazy; although, I understand they are trying to do their job by telling the customers to hang on and wait until the problem is fixed (which can’t be fixed). Now, as it turned out, the biggest issue I faced with the connection was frequent ADSL desyncs, many FEC and CRC errors and probably some other issues. I had my phone line checked, splitters, routers, cables but everything was working fine. So, I searched around the internet and found out that it was a common issue faced by all PTCL and LinkDotNet subscribers. Ref1, Ref2

I called support a million times and since I’m a tech geek, I couldn’t be convinced the way the support lures other clients. Ultimately, they asked me to shut up and get a broadband connection from another company. I was still not convinced. The internet speed is good and I can’t really complain about that and the problem, I was more concerned with was frequent ADSL timeouts and desyncs, where the connection to the gateway remained active but I lost internet connectivity. Eventually, I have a solution, for all those people who have this issue.

There are many ways to solve this, but here is an easy one. You need to download “Routercontrol” software from the internet (I won’t provide direct links, since this is not a website for such stuff). Next, after you have installed the software and selected the correct Router from the configuration, create a batch file named “Reconnect.bat” or similar in the program directory i.e. “c:program filesroutercontrolreconnect.bat”. Enter the following script in the batch file and save it.


Make a shortcut of the batch file on your desktop, and whenever you experience such activity on your router, you can simply execute this batch file and you’ll be saved from the hassle of reconnecting your ADSL. You can make the script better by writing some code to check if a ping failed several times and then execute this command.


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