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The FreeCamera3D Controller, which you can find in my recent PV3D tutorials. It helps you control the camera freely while working on a 3D scene. It has helped me a lot when, I was working on a videogame project for a client. This is for PV3D ver 2.0.

The usage is very simple:

– Move the file to the root of your Project directory. This won’t require importing it in your project.
– Declare a FreeCamera3D variable e.g. var camera:FreeCamera3D;
– In your init3D function, after initializing your camera like camera = new Free3DCamera(), write this line:

var freeCamera3DController:FreeCamera3DController = new FreeCamera3DController(camera,viewport);

There, all set up. Now was that not easy :) . Get the source below.