R4 – PV3D Music Visualizer (WIP)

Update: I have uploaded the source for the visualizer and a new version in this post.

The past month has been lazy and utterly boring. However, I still managed to work on two projects. I put the PaperKing3D project aside and did not have the energy to complete it. i did finish working off from an alpha version of my PV3D music visualizer. I call it the R4-Visualizer. You can take a look at it below:

And don’t forget to press the SPACEBAR to see the other modes .

I will release a source once I am finished with it completely. I have worked on Opensteer as well and the plugins are now there. I will be uploading the sources for opensteer soon. However, I am still working on it and it is NOT working whatsoever, simply because I have not written the code for that . You can also download the Visualizer above from here and to use it, just put an mp3 file named “sound” next to it and it will work great. Oh, and before I forget, I made a simple wallpaper out of the fantastic Visualizer, you can download it from here


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